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MyOpla was born in 10 minutes… An interview with Denis Marsault, the company’s CEO.

He had left the Oise, effectively and gently disentangling the end of the life of a large BPO and customer relationships on behalf of financiers a little lost in the trade. He was found between Tangier and Paris before he left for Tetouan. The native of Châteauroux built his company in less than five years, with discretion and pragmatism. 
Paths, memories and scars…

After a master’s degree in computer science and a first experience at Société Générale for the deployment of his first banking IT, he then joined the Bouygues group where he spent a decade working, the last of the last century. A decade rich in experiences and projects in different sectors: media with TF1, LCI and TPS then in telecoms with Bouygues Telecom and finally in energy with ETDE. « The strength of a group like the Bouygues Group is to offer exciting opportunities in both projects and responsibilities, but above all it is a real business school. » Denis Marsault is now a serial entrepreneur for the last 18 years: a first project led him to create and develop – from scratch – a consulting company in Networks & Telecoms, Experteam. This company quickly became the leader of its sector and was sold 5 years later to a large French group: Assystem. « When you leave a big group and a comfortable position, it is neither easy nor obvious to find yourself alone in front of your phone. The expertise is not enough anymore because it is then necessary to convince and reassure the customers and the future collaborators to embark on the project ». This was followed by a second four-year project at the head of one of the French leaders of BPO, resulting from the merger of Team Partners Group and Datem: a company of 3,000 people with about fifteen sites, intervening in the sectors media, telecoms and charity. « The sectors accustomed to a certain lifestyle were no longer appropriate and with the challenges of helping customers to find savings with innovation and productivity, clients, investors and employees had to be reassured. »
The third project is MyOpla, started from scratch a little over five years ago, the subject of our discussion today.

En-Contact: MyOpla has established itself this year, after a few years of discretion, through its growth and its ability to produce and execute effective and creative BPO campaigns and operations. What did you learn about the expectations of customers and their proximity to a company? Is it easier to set up because the business is still medium-sized or because of the geographical proximity and localization of production sites?
Denis Marsault: It is true that we have been more visible for some time but it is neither a will nor a strategy on our part. MyOpla has only been in existence for five years and we are experiencing strong organic growth every year. This growth – more than 50% each year – leads us to remain focused on our project and those of our customers. The major contractors are entrusting us with more and more and therefore position us naturally up against the big outsourcers of the market; that may explain this sudden visibility. It should also be said that size contributes to our notoriety since MyOpla will have more than 1,000 employees before the end of 2019.
Regarding proximity, it is the basis of the MyOpla project and I carry it over to my team and all of my employees and I believe that it contains three dimensions: a geographical proximity which is the one which allows the teams of customers and the internal teams to meet regularly and it is essential. That’s why we opened our first site in Tangiers in Morocco facing the Strait of Gibraltar, 15km from Europe and 2h20 from Paris and less than 2 hours from Marseille, Lyon, Nantes and Bordeaux. In 2017, we opened our second site in Al Hoceima, still in the same region: 40 minutes from Tangier. We have just opened, in early 2019, our third site in Tetouan less than 1 hour by car. Close proximity to MyOpla’s top management and its employees is the only way to manage the dual culture required to understand customer needs and project success. That’s why, from the beginning, I wanted all of MyOpla’s management to be based on our production sites and to have the double culture necessary to manage projects and people. It is also for this reason that I settled in Tangier from the start of the business.
Finally, proximity to customer projects: every MyOpla employee is involved and responsible in what I call delivery. At home, every project, regardless of its size, is followed by top management who brings their experience and expertise to improve, develop and make it even more efficient day after day. With us, a project does not stop the day it goes into production, it starts!

The requirement to go deep into – and understand – the business of customers – is mentioned everywhere; Do you have any examples of this expectation?
Knowledge of the client’s business is fundamental. A provider can no longer be content to provide resources, m² and processes. We must now start from the client’s objectives and put in place solutions that will enable them not only to achieve the objectives but also to differentiate themselves in their market. A simple example: we developed at MyOpla an expertise on the abandoned baskets of e-commerce sites and for one of our customers, in less than twelve months, we doubled the performance in terms of revenue generated, thanks to the different strategies conceived and put in place by our teams. Strategies on file management, data, product knowledge and customer knowledge. Among other things, this involves innovation to move the lines. We have more than fifty people who intervene daily on the implementation and monitoring of these strategies. Data analysts, data scientists and big data engineers, functional and technical consultants, project managers. The stakes are high and in the example cited, we are talking about a gain in turnover generated by several tens of millions of euros per year.

Must we have been around the block in many sectors to have this 360 ° vision?
(Smiles). It helps, indeed, because the experience saves time but it is not enough. It takes pragmatism, common sense and simplicity to be effective: choose the right hammer to drive the nail.

Spatial and temporal proximity between the teams or within companies, which of these proximities seems to you the most complex to ensure?
Integrating this double culture is essential to the success of a company installed outside France. We speak the same language but it is not enough. It is necessary that all the employees are open to the French culture but also that the top management integrates with the Moroccan culture. This double culture can only be put in place with the proximity of everyday life.

Where does the name of the company come from?
OK, I will reveal the mystery. I did not want our name to include one or more references to our profession but more to the values we want to share and share.
The body of our name « OP » comes from hop which is an exclamation expressing a movement or a quick decision. We then added arms and legs for more membership with « my » and a brain for more instantaneity with « there ». The name Myopla was born in ten minutes!

A tea in the Sahara … at MyOpla

(In the footsteps of Paul Bowles)
You’re a leader in customer service, a boss of BPO in e-commerce or in media, you would die trying to improve the commercial performance of your company …? Come discover the charms of Tangier and drink a Sahara Tea passing by MyOpla.
A tea in the Sahara … at MyOpla
Both events will be held in April and September 2019.
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